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So, you’ve got to get another human’s stamp of approval. Ask for letters of recommendation, take SAT and/or ACT tests, take AP exams, and write personal statements. It will help connect your experiences to what you value most and give you ideas for insights and uncommon connections you want to share with your reader. But again, will help you sort through all these things. Opt-in for (or opt-out of) the essay during registration and take note of what’s required (and forbidden) on test day. The first step in applying to college is to research the programs and colleges available to you. The Slightly Longer Version: Here are some important factors to consider as you look into potential schools: Climate: Ask yourself: To be happy, do you need warm weather, easy access to skiing, four seasons, lots of sunshine, low humidity? Prepare yourself for success with guidance from experts on topics such as admissions essays, letters of recommendation, and alumni interviews. Students often use the same materials for different applications, as applicants can send transcripts and test scores to all prospective schools with little effort. Early applicants may find the admission requirements easier to meet. Why bother? Deciding Where to Apply Map out the application process with a timeline. Do that with your recommenders, too. … Part 3: Determine a Test Preparation and Practice Plan. Updated Jun 25, 2019. The two most common college tests are the ACT and the SAT, which seek to measure what you've learned in high school. And you’ll come out of this alive too. At the end of junior year … Still others feel that the individualized approach of one-on-one tutoring works best for them and their busy schedules. If you take the PSAT, you’ll set up a College Board account, which you’ll use to register for the SAT and Subject Tests, access those results, and eventually submit those scores to colleges. Another great aspect of CollegeXpress is that you can click “Lists & Rankings” to see what other lists a school you search is on. Like college scholarships, grants are free money awards that do not need repayment. Here’s a link to a description of how it works. For instance in my (Luci’s) essence object box, I put my phone case, which is covered pop-art style tiny tin cans that say “Cool Beans” on them. Over time, your family, counselors, and advisors can help you hone in on the right school as you narrow your list. Write Your College Essays. We’ve adapted it here, but credit goes to her for the original draft! Your score is unlikely to improve much unless a significant change in your level of mastery occurs. Each object represents one of your fundamental qualities. and instead strive for uncommon connections. Many students also take test preparation classes or use free online resources to study for the ACT or the SAT. That way, you won't have to worry about applying to college and keeping up with your homework at the same time. A video offers a great way to bring the college into your world, while a portfolio allows you to share examples of your professional, educational, and artistic accomplishments. Exploration. How many schools you'll want to apply to depends on your circumstances. Check the deadlines. If you feel like there are values you haven’t yet touched on through your list, try brainstorming a few more. And don’t just read 1-2 reviews; read a bunch of them. 24 locations. 30+ online programs. Applying to College. If you go with this structure, use the Values List to brainstorm 4-6 lessons you learned through the project/activity/club. Self-starters can successfully self-study by committing to persistent use of options found online and in bookstores. He also allowed me to use some material from his forthcoming book! For most college applications, candidates need to provide high school transcripts, recommendation letters, and ACT or SAT scores. I’ve spent many hours staring blankly at the Common App essay prompts, paralyzed by the number of potential topics I could talk about while being simultaneously unsure if I had any stories worth telling. If you need help paying for college, technical, or career school, check out the options you may be eligible for from the federal government and other sources. A faith-based institution? This will give you a sense of how a specific story in your life connects to your broader needs and values in a college setting. Here’s our guide to writing a Great Activities List. The human brain is like a very smart bowl of spaghetti: If you don’t put your conversation down in writing, it might get lost in a thick vat of garlic and marinara. One of the best ways to learn more about colleges is to attend a high school visit, which is when an admissions officer comes to your high school to talk about their instutition. No matter which path you choose, we believe a good college essay should either: Go deep, discussing one moment that fundamentally changed your life, or. Finally, if you require special testing accommodations due to a diagnosed learning, physical or medical disability, be sure to have those approvals in place in advance. Alternatively, try to set aside 1-2 hours every weekend to focus on your college applications. This will give you a clearer sense of how many essays you need to write from scratch and how many you can just shift around a bit to fit multiple prompts. Comb through your entire essay with the word “necessary” in mind. What impact did I have--on my self, school, community, or world? When colleges are comparing you and another student with the same stats (GPA, class rank, test scores, extracurricular activities), your essay and letters of recommendation can help you stand out. Take the PSAT (if offered at school) in 10th grade as a no-stakes introduction to testing, Take the PreACT (if offered at school) in 10th grade for comparison purposes, Retake the PSAT in October of 11th grade, especially if you plan to take the SAT, (this is also the National Merit qualifying test for juniors), Choose the ACT or SAT and select a date for your first official sitting, (most students start official testing in the spring of 11th grade), Consider taking Subject Tests at the end of 11th grade, Retake the ACT or SAT at least once to improve in one or more sections, (over the summer or early in the fall of 12th grade). I also say “cool beans” a lot in real life because it’s just objectively a great go-to expression. Take a deep breath. Join one of the largest community colleges in the country and launch your college career. Co-written by Luci Jones (Brown University CO ‘23) and Ethan Sawyer (College Essay Guy). I’ve had the stress that comes with not quite knowing how to apply to college and being scared by all the what-ifs. Certain test dates offer you the option of purchasing an expanded score report which gives you a chance to review any questions you missed. If you want more specific details or some essay examples from previous years that worked, check out this free 1-hour guide. I want to tell you that I’ve been there. Why ten? Most students start working on their essays in the summer between junior and senior year. At the very least, write a thank-you email or note. Essays 3, 4 and 7-0 are Montage; the rest use the Narrative structure. Afterwards, survey your list and see what values are reflected in the objects you chose. If one of you has moved, making an in-person request impossible, then opt for the phone call first, email second, and text never. If you go with this structure, try breaking it down like this: Montage Structure: great for everything else. It’s important to begin with some juicy brainstorming exercises. If you can’t find anything on a college’s website, simply Google or search YouTube for the name of the school plus “tour,” or use virtual tour sites like Once you’ve got a first draft, you want to start combing back through it to see if your essay is doing its job. Institutional scholarships (i.e., those offered by a school) are a great last resort to make a school affordable. Keep a record of your feelings about each campus and school style. Knowing what you want to study also helps, particularly if you are very passionate about a particular subject. Most land around the middle of senior year, though things like early decision can affect this. A competitive STEM program, however, will understandably look for mastery in Math/Science but undeclared majors can submit scores from any subjects -- as long as they’re good scores! For the Montage Essay, you want to start developing what’s called a “focusing lens.” This is normally an interest, object, career path, or some other theme that connects several of your interests or values. Learn about the best online colleges and universities that allow you to earn your degree from anywhere. © 2021, a Red Ventures Company. That’s late enough in the course to get a basic sense of your readiness while leaving enough time to brush up a little more before May or June on gaps identified by the practice test. When evaluating schools, there are a number of factors to consider. Most colleges want 1-2 letters of recommendation from teachers who worked with you in an academic subject in 11th or 12th grade. Use the CFNC Application Hub to apply to NC colleges, send official high school transcripts, and monitor your progress in a single place. What about a school that embraces your racial and cultural identity such as a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) or a tribal college? Not all colleges require interviews, so you should make the most of interviews with those that do. Research & Visit Colleges. And, if you’re like me, this constant pressure to think about the future and what it means for you can feel extremely stressful. Get answers to common questions about deadlines, essays, applications and more. Compare colleges on factors like tuition, financial aid, reputation, and location. In other words, by picking this object, I’m learning to connect a tangible, physical thing in my life to my core values of happiness, positivity, and being present.

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