Moving On

The following poem about moving on is not a message to leave people behind, but to leave behind the pain and the hurt. This is a call to map a future that is more like today, not a painful repetition of yesterday’s suffering. Your power lies in your presence today.

A Healing Poem about Moving On

Just holding tight,
Clinging to what I know.
My life has passed me by,
Masked by a night–
But it’s so hard to let go.
How can I trust myself?
I thought the chaos was really me,
And I know no other way.
Now these thoughts burn my soul.
I don’t think they’re me anymore.
I don’t want to be this person,
And I don’t want to suffer the fate
Of what I thought was meant to be.
I sense a river a joy,
And I sense it’s in me.
Ready for this road to end–
Where it began I forget.
Where it turns I’ve been that way,
But not in this way, not yet.
I’m forgiving my yesterday,
I’m letting the past stay there.
New doors are opening for me,
And now I’m going somewhere.
The light has shone upon me today,
And a familiar voice whispers, saying
Somewhere inside I need to change.
My thoughts will change my way.
These tears fall
From a place I miss,
But this place I remember now.
I remember I can go there,
And I remember how.
Through love,
My heart whispers,
Is how you go back home.
Suffering you can kiss
For in it you do not belong.
If I look far out across that place,
Through the barren lands
Of my past,
Happiness left a single trace.
Somehow it lingered and it lasts,
And it carves for me now
A new past.
This is the path I’m taking,
And on it I’m making love
My foundation.
I see now with eyes so clear
That all I love I can still hold dear.
Any departure from love is just fear,
And nothing else exists.
In this truth I now live.

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