My Birthday Post

It’s about 90 minutes before I turn 49.  I am feeling repetitive asking where the years have gone, so I am not going to.  Man, what a dumb question!  It’s not like I was born at 45!

The funny thing is that I don’t feel old.  I never really have, except for after a surgery, but that hasn’t even stopped me.  Each decade, each year has been filled with love and support from my family and especially my love of forever Glen.

Can’t say much about turning ten, probably was a dorky kid, trying to figure out this kooky world and having no luck at all.  Twenty was great, married and mother of a beautiful little girl that even to this day, besides Glen, is one of the only people I can bare my soul to.  At thirty, I was a corporate woman and mother of two, on my way up the ladder; walking around in the concrete jungle, looking for a rope to swing onto and get the heck out of there.

Forty was fun!  I had reached the state of “I don’t give a &@$! and it was wonderful.  I don’t think I have changed much since then.  I do wish I knew what I knew at ten that I know now.  But then, maybe not; no one likes a smart%@* know-it-all.

So as 48 turns to 49 and the next decade of my live grows even closer, I will raise a glass and look forward to seeing what it holds, who I meet and all the wonderful experiences this world holds.  I think it’s gonna be fun!

Feel free to sing happy birthday to me!

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