Our visit to Bentleyville USA in Duluth

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The Christmas season is fast upon us.  Thanks to all the stores it was a barrage of mixed holidays that came together so fast it made me visualize a turkey with a Jack O Lantern under its’ wing wearing a Santa hat waddling around in a vat of mashed potatoes!  Now that there is only Christmas left before the year begins again, we can finally focus on one holiday.

If you are in the Holiday spirit or in need of a gentle boost to get there, head North to Bentleyville!  We had our two oldest grandsons over for Thanksgiving and took a trip up North, last Saturday.  Now to you “city folks”, we already live up North, but to us it meant Duluth!   We made a few needed stops and were told by the proprietor of one of the stores of this wonderful holiday uplifting place called the Bentleyville Christmas Light Tour in Canal Park.

So about 6pm we went looking for Bentleyville.  Well, we couldn’t miss it.  The place was all lit up with lights that we saw from the freeway.  We followed the cars ahead of us to Canal Park area.

Our grandsons were amazed at the many different scenes of the season, from reindeer, sleighs, carolers, and Santa’s, all done in light.  At the entrance to the tour, we were greeted with coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. All provided absolutely free of charge.

Drinking our hot chocolate and eating cookies, we started the tour, following a well lit pathway.  The walk took us through several tunnels of lights, each separated by different holiday scenes including one of my favorites “the twelve days of Christmas.”

Halfway through the tour there is a warming area which consists of about two dozen roaring fire pits where you can warm you hands, eat popcorn or roast marshmallows (this is still all FREE) .  “Elvis” was singing a Yule tide song on the stage, while many others were in line to meet Santa.

The place is amazing, so if you’re looking for a wonderful getaway, that costs little or nothing, except for gas, just go north to Bentleyville USA.  It’s right off Interstate 35, in the Canal Park area of Duluth.  If you go around 5pm, you won’t be able to miss it from the freeway, because it will be all lit up.

This is a time that is particularly hard on the food shelves.  Even though times are tough all over, I urge you, if you have the means to donate whatever you can to the food shelves.  A child can be happy playing in an empty box if they have a full stomach. I know!

In the spirit of the Season, please drop a donation in the Salvation Army Bucket when you are out shopping or bring a donation to the Sandstone Food Shelf at 312 N Main St in Sandstone.  Their number is 320-245-2485.

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