Voting by the Seat of Our Pants

I Voted Today!

Woke up from a sound sleep  The day was as most… work! Glen made a delicious dinner of grilled lamb and yummy steamed veggies .  Something we don’t eat a lot, but savor each time we enjoy it.

We hopped in the car to head to our area voting/caucus location.  Pulling into the driveway of our voting place, a few minutes before 8pm our radio announced that the poles close at 8pm and if you are there by then, you can still vote.  We got out of our car and saw a friend that was able to direct us to the correct area.  Well, I guess it was time to get my old rear in gear as we ran to the door, heading towards the correct area, while trying to catch our (well , not our) MY breath!

Inside, you could see groups gathered in discussion, people casting votes, etc.  We filled out our information and cast our ballots and WHAM, with minutes to spare, we just made a difference!

I am not gonna get on a political soap box here; I am not gonna rant and rave about policies and the current situation of our country.  I am going to only give you a gentle prodding, to remind you that this is your country too!  I am not going to try to sway you towards Republican or Democrat, right, left, north, south, east, or west, red or blue. This is all I am going to say… Voting is important.  Your vote DOES count.  To not vote is a total waste.  Think about what is important to you, make your decision and get out and vote!  As Americans, we have a choice in who will run this country.   Don’t sit back, let everyone else make the decision and complain about the end result.  You have a choice!  Look at it this way… what if the candidate you wanted to win lost by just one vote and you didn’t vote? OK, we know this will probably never be the case unless you are on Survivor Island, but if thousands think this way, unheard voices will remain unheard.   It’s too late for the caucus if you missed it, but please keep this in mind for the coming elections.

You have a voice… use it. 

Glen, didn’t we have some popcorn?

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