We are thankful

It is our hope that your Thanksgiving was a wonderful time filled with family, friends and love. This is how it should be celebrated and also what we planned to do.

Glen received a call on Tuesday, November 18th that his father who lives in Palm Bay, FL had a massive stroke and only had four to five days to live. So on Wednesday, November 19, we flew to Florida to be near him and his mother. By the end of the week all of his brothers, sisters, numerous family members, and countless friends from all over the country converged in Palm Bay to pray, hope and cry (not necessarily in that order). By Friday, November 21, he was given only a 20% chance of surviving. The stroke had caused a massive swelling in his brain and according to the Neurologist, had also caused brain fluid to leak into his spine. The stroke had also caused paralysis on the left side of his body, and also blinded in his left eye. Needless to say, we were all very distraught. It was disheartening to see this vibrant man, in such a life changing state.

Members of the family and friends had almost a 24 hour vigil at the hospital and at Glen’s parent’s home, continually praying, consoling each other and hoping for the best. He could speak, but with a slur, because the left side of his body was totally non-functioning.

On Saturday, November 22, we visited him in the hospital about 10am and had a surprise. Here was a man that was given to up to die, talking vibrantly (considering he had a tubes going through him to remove bodily fluids and to feed him). Of course his left side was still virtually paralyzed, but the strength in his voice had increased tremendously. He proclaimed to us joyously, that “God – The Almighty” had visited him the night before, sat on the right side of his bed and told him that they (God and the Angels) are not ready for him to come home, as yet. He assured us that everything will be OK, and that it will take awhile, but he is back amongst the living; he went on to say that the God will allow him to continue with the “breath of life” because his work here on Earth is not done. From that moment on, he has continually improved.

On Sunday, November 23, his doctor proclaimed it a “miracle” that he was still alive. He was so surprised that he apologized to us (the family) for giving us such a grim outlook. The following day, he was transferred outside of ICU to a standard hospital bed.

It has been a long and painful few days, but we are happy to say that with the combination of hope, prayer and good medicine, he began to come around. His vision and hearing on his left side is returning and he is using his left arm, hand, foot and leg, even walking a few steps with help. The day before Thanksgiving, he was discharged from the hospital and transferred to a physical rehabilitation facility. They do not expect him to be there very long as his strength is quickly returning.

Thanksgiving is a time of family and friends and this episode in our lives lends credence to the importance of it. My parents passed on long ago and Glen’s parents have always treated me like a daughter, along with all of the other “in-law spouses”. The fear and pain felt by blood relatives was also felt by those related by marriage.

We are home now and are in constant contact to follow his progress and to make sure Momma is being taken care of also.

Love your family. Your parents, sons, daughters and let it flow all the way to the newborns. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Show your love and give flowers while they can still smell them. We truly have a reason to be thankful this year.

Always love each other!

Hugs and More,

Toni and Glen
Believers in God the Creator, Angels and Miracles

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