Day 4 – Tuesday, Ahh – So Refreshing – Huatulco to Zipolite

Day 4 – Tuesday, Ahh – So Refreshing

What a refreshing night. We weren’t directly on the beach here at Hotel Nude, but our room had an open air roof, where anything could fly in and out.  So we awoke at about 7:30 am to the sounds of chirping and whistling birds, singing a pleasant melody, as if they didn’t have anything to care about.  Maybe the netting was for more than mosquitoes, maybe bird droppings too!

So, we made coffee, then went on our balcony to absorb the sounds of the day.  As we sat there, we noticed a couple, very well tanned, about in their 40’s, totally in their “birthday suit” also sipping coffee.  They waved at us and we smiled and waved back.

We looked down to the pool and saw a couple of young men, in the buff, probably mid 20’s.  They were hugging each other, laughing and giggling.  The early risers were making the best of this crisp, sunny morning.  There was something in the air; I just can’t describe it.  It was a feeling of gaiety; it felt wonderful to be alive.

We sat there for about 30 to 45 minutes, then we walked down to the beach.  There we noticed again, the beach walkers, the yoga stretchers, the dog walkers and others in the ocean.  We noticed families with children, to middle agers, to others who looked retired.  All of them, looking as happy and content as possible.  Yup, we were feeling that way too.  Playa Zipolite has some sort of magical feeling that is hard to describe.  The feeling of the area is so relaxing, it’s contagious.  Or I was simply happy that Toni woke up smiling!

We stayed on the beach for a while, then we realized that we had to pack (we really only unpacked what we were going to wear and our toiletries); after all, we had another place to go to, and our stay here at Hotel Nude was just for one night.

We checked out about 11:30 am, and decided to go for a drive to the west of Zipolite, because we couldn’t check into Hotel Estrella de Mar until around 3 pm.

So we headed out, stopped in San Augustinillo, Mazunte, Chacahua, and Playa Ventanilla.  We basically were just enjoying the countryside and the warmth of Pacific Mexico.  Everything was so green and beautiful.   We stayed at Playa Ventanilla for about an hour, walked the beach, had a coke then headed back to Zipolite.  

On the way back, we drove past Hotel Estrella de Mar and went to Puerto Angel.  We were in heaven, after all, we have had the best sleep since arriving in Zipolite and Toni was happy (if Mama is happy, then I’m happy, if she’s not, then you know what… ).

We arrived at 2:30 pm to Hotel Estrella de Mar and they had Room 2 on the first floor, next to the beach, all ready for us.  Daniel (the owner’s son and receptionist) gave us the key.  What a feeling.  Toni was just smiling away.  The room was absolutely clean and there was no mosquito net.  Not having a mosquito net said a lot.  They were content that they didn’t have bug problem because they cleaned every nook and cranny of the rooms each day.  You could smell how clean it was. They were absolutely right, except for a couple gnats, we didn’t see any pests in the room.  It was heaven to us, compared to our first two nights, east of us, at the “other” hotel.

We had a small terrace with chairs and a table.  It was wonderful for sunny mornings and late night conversation.

Once we got comfortable, we sat outside on our deck for a couple hours, then went to a local restaurant on the beach for a late, late lunch (I can’t remember the name of it).  But the food was also terrific and cervezas and cocktails flowed freely.

We went back to our room sat on our terrace and had a lively conversation with a gynecologist and his wife from Toluca, just outside of Mexico City.  His wife stayed about 30 minutes and had gone to bed, but the three of us talked for about an hour.  It was quite funny, because he knew little English and we knew little Spanish, we both relied on Google Translator to converse. 

After saying “Hasta Mañana” we turned in, excited about the days to come.  

Life is good!!!!  

We’ll post more about day five tomorrow.


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