Day 5, Wednesday, Huatulco to Zipolite

Day 5 – Wednesday – What a beautiful day

We slept well last night.  No bugs, no issues, just the sounds of the ocean, about 100 feet away, going in and out.

As usual, we got up, got coffee and had breakfast at the hotel.  They serve traditional Mexican and American breakfast.  We enjoyed our first meal of the day and talked to a few people in the restaurant.  We went back to our room and sat on our beautiful terrace and watched the beach goers.  It was settling in, we are about 2800 miles away in a tropical paradise, on the Pacific side of Mexico.

It’s what we’ve wanted, just to “veg” and do almost nothing.  Playa Zipolite didn’t let us down.  People watching is just awesome.  Seeing families with children run towards and then away from the surf is a small bit of youth serum. The demographics of the people were from one scale to another.  There isn’t a typical vacationer in this little piece of paradise.  They run the gamut; we met doctors, lawyers, authors, nomads, retirees, and everything in between.  People from all over the world, from Sweden, Canada, Finland, good ‘ole USA, and Mexico, just to name a few. We saw every kind of group of people walking together enjoying the day, female/male, female/female, male/male, triads, quads, and whatever you can imagine.  It seems that what they all have in common is tolerance and respect.  It’s day five and we haven’t seen a fight, quarrel, or any loud words.  In fact, as of today, we still have seen any police/Federales.  That’s how peaceful Zipolite is.

Later that evening, we went to an early dinner at Los Almandros in downtown, Zipolite they have fantastic food and we enjoyed the atmosphere.  The street vendors were also setting up so we looked around a bit.  We then we went back to Hotel Estrella de Mar.  They do not have a bar on the property so we went down the beach and  enjoyed a cocktails.  We returned, laid on the beach before turning in.

A truly lazy and beautiful day!

Day 6 will be totally different.





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