Laugh – It's Good For You!

Make You Day Better… Laugh!!! I find that my day goes best when we laugh.  It can be a simple guffaw or a side splitting, roll on the floor, trying to breathe almost to blackout type of laugh.  It also helps when you have a sick sense of humor, which I have been blessed with.  It can sometimes be said, if you survive, it’s funny!There have been things throughout my life that I still laugh about.  There’s the time I was in junior high school and a boy made a comment about my boobs (or at that time, the lack thereof).  I jumped up ready to fight and 11 seconds later was down for the count of 10.  It wasn’t funny at the time, but in retrospect and if you saw the guy I was gonna fight, you would either laugh or suggest therapy!

Children are one of the funniest things to laugh at, you just can’t do it in front of them, as it kinda spoils the whole nurturing thing.  I was talking with a friend that mentioned that she is going to go see a shrink.  My daughter, five years old at the time sweetly said “Why is she going to a shrink?  She is already short!”  I have never let her live that one down.  Our son decided that he wanted to go ice skating in the house; he must have used 5 rolls of tape on his feet to slide around on the carpet.  To this day, I don’t know if he actually even knows how to ice skate!

Think about your children growing up and tell me that they did not do or say something that you had to run into the next room to laugh!We were on a family outing a while back, fishing and boating on the Mississippi.  I believe we had docked on the shore and were too far in.  Glen got out and pushed the boat, and pushed the boat more.  He was holding on tight when the boat began to move.  Suddenly I saw a Warner Bros. cartoon starring Glen.   His legs and arms seemed to stretch as his feet held onto the rock and his hands held onto the boat.  All he needed was a tail, long ears and a snout and he could have been Wile E. Coyote trying to get the Road Runner!  Of course, when he fell in the river, laughter shook the trees!Friends can be even funnier!  We went to a party for some friends, but did not know what to give them.  We knew they liked to party, so we brought them a big bottle of Jack Daniels.  Well, we were the hit of the party as the bottle passed from person to person.  Then he decided to light the grill… He began by pouring lighter fluid with one hand and drinking Jack with the other.  And then… oh then, he lit the grill.  Luckily he had quick reflexes!  No damage done, but an entire backyard of people laughing.  It was one of those roll on the floor laughs.  We carefully reminded him that that is not the way you tan!

I got a million of near misses, silly saying and roll on the floor moments, but I hope you have enjoyed these.  Look within yourself, look at yourself, look at life… and laugh!!!

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