Saving the Bingo Game

As you may remember, we won a gift certificate for pizza and a pitcher at the Nickerson Bar.  Well it was time to cash that puppy in!  After a day of stops here and there shopping for odds and ends, we made our way to the place to spend our winnings.
So with our tummies ready, we walked into the perfect bar.  Small, yet friendly!  We were met at the bar by the gracious bartender/cook and asked if they were serving pizza.  She proudly pointed to the wall showing two brands of pizza with several varieties to choose from.  Let’s see there was pepperoni, pepperoni and sausage, sausage and pepperoni, chicken alfredo, Mexican, sausage and sausage, four meat, four cheese and I am sure more pepperoni selections.  We decided to live dangerously and chose the Mexican.
I guess we have lived a sheltered life, because that was the largest pitcher of beer we have ever seen.  Maybe we have just never been that close to one!  We enjoyed the people, atmosphere and a couple glasses of the endless beer as our pizza achieved maximum yummyness. What a great pizza!!!  We like our pizza a little bit done (some call it burnt).  Cheese should not run away from the rest of the group, they should stay and endure our carnivorous lust with the rest of the ingredients!

During our consumption and conversations, we found out that it was Bingo Night.  Now this is certainly not your garden variety huge casino where things are easy.  Remember, this is a small bar and the Bingo is sponsored by the American Legion.  Their requirements are that they had to have fifteen people there to play by 7pm.  The bartender came over and said, “Please don’t leave”.  Heck, we live for this kind of stuff, besides; we just had free pizza and still had half an ocean of beer to drink! The numbers slowly built.  First eight, including us, then ten, then twelve.  Oh no, traffic stopped with eight minutes to go!  Someone yelled, there’s a car coming in, no their just turning around.  The poor Bingo aficionados had began to put things away, shocked, because this has never happened before.  A call screams out “car in the parking lot!”   Another couple that makes fourteen!  Then nothing…  “Another car” they screamed.  One single young man came in as everyone clapped and it was Bingo time.  The bartender was laughing; telling everyone that she instructed us that we cannot leave.  In truth, if we had left, the game would have been cancelled.

Did we win? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did we have fun? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

We continued the night enjoying an endless array of losing bingo games in the “regular, box, cover all, B&O and other styles.  We watched as others won massive bingo winnings of between $11 and $14.  Once there were four Bingos called and they had to split their $14 jackpot.  The cover all (covering all boxes), started at $699 and once the allotted amount of numbers were called, dropped back to the $14 grand prize.  Dirty jokes were flying and they kept trying to persuade a lady at the end of the bar to sing the Chuck Berry song “My DingALing”.  She did not do it, at least not while we were there.  Making our way out we were told things like, we hope you come back soon and remember Bingo Thursday!

We walked to our cars and smiled and said WE SAVED THE BINGO!!!


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