What Was That???


You know, when you are young, you can run, laugh and enjoy life’s pleasures.  But guess what, you can do it when you are older too!

We are at a point where we enjoy what we call “grandparent mode”.  We have our grandkids over and have a fun time.  Warm muffins, snow, bonfires, snowmobile rides and hot chocolate. Kids running all around!  That’s enough for us!  But sometimes things get weird up here…

OK. we look at our wildlife camera and we see strange lights.  Glen calls to me “Toni, come and see this!”
Bright lights that can only be described as “Orbs”…  Large lights that moved as the camera picks them up.  Not up in the sky, but almost at eye level.  We just stared at the picture.

OK, this is not some late night sitcom, my name is not “Snuffy” and I have all my teeth.   I can honestly say I don’t know what the *&%#$ it was, I do know that WE DID SEE IT! 

So, we go over to one of our friend’s house and he casually mentions after about an hour or so that there was some strange light shining in his window and he thought it was snowing.  He also saw the lights.

Well now this is gonna get really weird.  I am talking to our daughter and I mention the lights.  She responds as if she has already seen them.  I told her “you don’t know what we mean”.  She says, “but you told me about them”.  My response was that “this is the first time we spoke since we saw them, so how can you know”?  She then said that she can “see them exactly as we see them”.  I rubbed my head and Glen sent her an email of it.  She said that is what she was talking about.  We both rubbed our heads. 

So here is a pic of it.  If you have seen it, we can rub our heads together!

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