It's Me Aain!

For the gagillions of you that are wondering where we are, we are still here.  The woods are still beautiful and there is no where else we would rather be.  So “I’ll be back”, with stories of life up north.  The fun, silliness and honesty that can only be found by someone honest enought to… Continue reading It's Me Aain!

What Was That???

You know, when you are young, you can run, laugh and enjoy life’s pleasures.  But guess what, you can do it when you are older too! We are at a point where we enjoy what we call “grandparent mode”.  We have our grandkids over and have a fun time.  Warm muffins, snow, bonfires, snowmobile rides… Continue reading What Was That???

My Winter Orchids

It was a cold Sunday evening the air was… *%@# COLD!!!  I stood in my purple snowmobile jacket, gloves, and other winter wear, looked at the thermometer as it read -4 F, and we headed out into the frozen tundra.  I smiled as I saw snow footprints from yesterday blown over, must be a bad… Continue reading My Winter Orchids