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My Birthday Post

It’s about 90 minutes before I turn 49.  I am feeling repetitive asking where the years have gone, so I am not going to.  Man, what a dumb question!  It’s not like I was born at 45!

The funny thing is that I don’t feel old.  I never really have, except for after a surgery, but that hasn’t even stopped me.  Each decade, each year has been filled with love and support from my family and especially my love of forever Glen.

Can’t say much about turning ten, probably was a dorky kid, trying to figure out this kooky world and having no luck at all.  Twenty was great, married and mother of a beautiful little girl that even to this day, besides Glen, is one of the only people I can bare my soul to.  At thirty, I was a corporate woman and mother of two, on my way up the ladder; walking around in the concrete jungle, looking for a rope to swing onto and get the heck out of there.

Forty was fun!  I had reached the state of “I don’t give a &@$! and it was wonderful.  I don’t think I have changed much since then.  I do wish I knew what I knew at ten that I know now.  But then, maybe not; no one likes a smart%@* know-it-all.

So as 48 turns to 49 and the next decade of my live grows even closer, I will raise a glass and look forward to seeing what it holds, who I meet and all the wonderful experiences this world holds.  I think it’s gonna be fun!

Feel free to sing happy birthday to me!

I feel it!

I feel it!

What do I feel?

I feel the movement of my soul talking to me.

About what you say?

Well, I am being gay, but not like homosexual, but like being happy.

Happy to be alive, saying nothing, but thinking a lot, and filled with everything.

Everything is beautiful, a song once said. I come not to tell of woes, nor to talk about folks, but to talk about the American spirit.

I am living the dream – the dream to be me, to be alive, to do whatever I want to do … so long as it doesn’t infringe on your FREEDOM.

Even in this time of the Patriot Act, we do have FREEDOM.

Just don’t say Al Qaeda, or Bin Laden, nor support them, or fly planes into BIG buildings, and you too can enjoy the FREEDOM.

That’s right, everything is beautiful, a song once said. I come not to tell of woes, nor to talk about folks – I come to talk about the American Spirit.

Yes, our ancestors came across the Atlantic, many in chains – many died, some say 20 million.

But in every pain, there is a gain. For every drought, we look forward to rain. Winter turns to Spring, and Summer to Fall.

Fall sometimes brings good harvest, and sometimes it don’t.

That’s right, everything is beautiful, a song once said. I come not to tell of woes, nor to talk about folks – I come to talk about the American Spirit.

©2008 GH Williamson Sr.

My Winter Orchids

Tonis Orchid

It was a cold Sunday evening the air was… *%@# COLD!!!  I stood in my purple snowmobile jacket, gloves, and other winter wear, looked at the thermometer as it read -4 F, and we headed out into the frozen tundra.  I smiled as I saw snow footprints from yesterday blown over, must be a bad day to be a squirrel!!!   It was a beautiful day, however!  The sun was out, the air was crisp and everything was so lovely… because it was FROZEN IN PLACE!!!  Heck we’ve been in colder times than this.  We have our winter survival stuff in case of emergency and it’s not like we are on the polar caps!We stopped into the Fishbowl Bar and Restaurant for dinner.  We have been here many times, by car and snowmobile, and always enjoyed the wonderful people, staff and owners. We were lucky to be able get to converse with the owner’s parents, Greg and Liz again, great people!  Mom and dad carry enjoy big game hunting.  The owners Burl and Lisa are also big game hunters and if you have a chance to go there you will see that immediately.  The bar is filled with hunter trophies.  There are varieties of fowl, deer, gazelle, and things you may only see on National Geographic.  For me, the most ominous is the brownish red bear, with huge paws and teeth.  Heck I may live in the woods, but I am still trying to shake off part of that city girl!
Well as it always seems to happen with friends, conversation and libation abounded as we enjoyed a burger the size of Kansas City!  It was delicious with fried onions and savory fries.  We laughed as we talked with others about everything, from broken down cars to people inviting us to the St. Patrick’s Day events, both at certain bars and in their garages that have been converted to “come on over and have a drink” places.  Watching the Pro Bowl in Hawaii (Ithink) and the Wild on TV it became apparent that we needed to head out while our whits were with us.

I pulled my scarf over my head, thinking “I don’t want to go out there”, and steamrolled for the door.  Our peaceful solace, our answered prayer, was that we did not break down, the roads were drivable and the heat, oh blessed heat was on at our home.

I walked over to our window and smiled as I saw my beautiful orchids smiling at the night shine, patiently awaiting the sun.  With hearty blooms; snubbing their nose at the cold and wind of this frigid night.  I know, anyone can snub their nose through a window, but these frickin’ things are not easy to grow!

So here is a photo of my lovely orchids.  I hope you enjoy them!