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Duxbury Fire Department Seeks Volunteers

Duxbury News
Glen Williamson

I know, it’s been while since I’ve written this column.  I’ve been doing my best adjusting to my new world without Toni.  It feels like I’ve been reborn.  Everything looks, smells and feels different. 

Yes, I’ve had deaths in my family.  Both my mother and father are gone, and I grieve and missed them.  But there is nothing like losing someone that had  been a friend to me since age 12; someone that I’ve grown up with for 48 years.   It hurts like hell, and some days, I’m just immobilized with grief and anguish.  Some days, she just pops into my mind, and I just start to sob. 

To distract me, I find myself on Facebook a lot more than I’ve had; my friends either call text or email me.  One friend has been a constant companion, staying with me often to make sure that I don’t go into an abyss.   Overall though, mentally and physically, I think I’m faring well.

Enough about me.  This great “metropolis” officially named Wilma Township, better known as Duxbury is doing well.  The township has just sworn in Stefanie Rahn, as their new Deputy Clerk.  She’ll take the duty of Paul Raymond, Township Clerk, if he’s unavailable for whatever reason.

Old School Arts Center (OSAC), just had a Presidential Stew Dinner at the Sandstone Golf Course.  It was well attended by many residents, including Reese Frederickson, County Attorney along with his family.  Lots of pies were auctions off.

According to Paul Raymond, Zion Markville last Sunday, had a beautiful transfiguration with three baptisms.  According to Raymond, Nia, Zadie and Ember, the children of Chantelle Emmons and Ryan Nieman were baptized.  Afterwards, the family treated the church attendees to dinner at Fishbowl in Danbury.

To prepare for the Primary Presidential Election, Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 10 am to 8 pm, Wilma Township will be testing the voting machine, Sunday, March 1 at 3pm.  Because of Minnesota state law, this testing is open to the public.

Also, just a reminder to vote Tuesday, March 10, Wilma Township will have an election for one Supervisor and Clerk.  Voting will be from 10 am to 8 pm.  This will be followed by the Annual Town Meeting.  The main reason for the Annual Town Meeting is for the residents/voters to vote on the town levy – the tax rate that residents pay for local services, like roads and bridges.  Many other things can happen at this annual meeting, including voting to authorize the Town Board to spend money on town celebration, recognition of service, like volunteers or a retiring board member.  So, this is your time to come out, meet your neighbors and help the town run smoothly.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department is looking for volunteers to join the department.  Training will be provided to qualified individuals.  If interested, drop me an email and I’ll get the details to you.

Well, it’s almost 40 degrees outside now.  Hopefully, we’ll have an early spring and all this snow will be gone soon.

On behalf of Toni Williamson, thanks for reading.


Duxbury News, November 23, 2018

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store for Thanksgiving Day but couldn’t find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?” The stock boy said “No, ma’am. They’re dead.”

Glen Williamson and Paul Raymond at MN Association of Township Annual Educational Conference in Duluth, MN

The Minnesota Association of Townships held its annual meeting on Thursday to Saturday (November 15-17, 2018) at the DECC in Duluth Minnesota. Wilma Township representatives Paul Raymond, Clerk and Glen Williamson, Chairperson attended this annual event.  The theme for this year was Powering Our Future, Energy to Build on in Your Township.

Two Creeks Clothing Optional Campground, donation, minnesota
Toni and Glen Williamson giving donation to Pathways Food Bank on behalf of Two Creeks Campground

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday meal.  It is the true (in my book) prelude to Christmas/Holiday Season. Two Creeks Campground, here in Wilma Township, thanks to the generosity of our campers, donated funds for the food shelf.  Two Creeks Campground matched their contributions and $2,300 was given last Thursday, November 15 to the Family Pathways Food Bank in Sandstone. Plus, throughout the season an additional 570 pounds of food was also donated.  Thank you to Two Creeks Campground for helping make many families’ holiday season thankful and happier.

By the time you’re reading this, I should be recuperating from my hip surgery.  However, I am hoping to feel well to still cook for thanksgiving.

This is a time for being thankful (everyday should be) but the warmth of the season gives sentimental feelings.  Thinking about being thankful for your family, health, friends and love. 

Thanks for reading!