Karaoke at Fishbowl, Tuesday, December 5, 2017

As many of you know, Toni loves to sing karaoke. Here we are last night at Fishbowl in Danbury, WI. Because it was about 10 degrees and snowing, we thought we would dress as a snow people. LOL.

Kevin’s 60th Birthday Party and Bear Creek Tavern in Cloverdale

Last Saturday night on our way home, we decided to stop in at Bear Creek Tavern in Cloverdale (formerly Tank’s Bar).  Well, we were pleasantly surprised.  It was Kevin’s 60th Birthday Party.  

Kevin was raised just a couple miles down the road, but now lives in the Twin Cities.

Fun was had by all.  Toni sung karaoke.

If you’re looking for a fun bar to visit, check out Bear Creek Tavern, about eight miles east of Hinckley Grand Casino in Cloverdale.  

Be sure to tell the owners that Toni and Glen from Duxbury told you about it.