Monthly Archives: April 2008

Northwoods Love

Well, here we go again… Isn’t it supposed to be spring?  In times like this you just smile and enjoy breathing! 

What was supposed to be a warm weekend, ended up with SNOW!  I will not put any expletives here, but I am sure you know what I am thinking!

Even with the untimely temperatures, we had a heartwarming weekend.  Great friends, comfort food served potluck style, enjoyable hugs, warmth and fun, fun, fun!

It was so nice to have friends over that we have not seen in months sharing “Northwoods Love”.  It started with two great friends and three white chocolate martinis.  Add to that, steak , cheese and  cracker hors d’ouerves , burgers, au gratin potatoes, ham steaks, and “hope for spring”, which made for a wonderful evening. 

After dinner, conversation continued; with laughter and togetherness.  This is what an enjoyable night is about!  Good people, fun times, and a wonderful atmosphere!  It was so much fun; I actually did not care about the snow and cold outside… It was GREAT!!! 

Now if I can just get the recipe for those CHOCOLATE “TINI’S”. 

Snowed In…

First, for those of you that care (thanks kids), sorry we have not blabbered at you for awhile.  We were punished by our providers for over usage.  To think you can actually use up too much open air and metal!  Of course I know there is more to it than that, but heck, it sure is great to make fun of the Internet.    Well it happened; and for a while we felt like the proverbial “red headed stepchild”.    So here we are…

 The snow continues to fall up North as we look out our window.  The morning shined in and also BLEW in with mild temperatures, heavy wind and 12+” of *&%#@+ snow!!!  Not a good time to be a Robin…

So as I scowl at the snow outside, there’s Glen.  Literally giddy with excitement, almost dancing at the window, putting on his boots going out and taking pictures and measurements of the so called Spring surroundings.  I almost locked him outside!

Be brave I told myself, maybe it’s a dream… or a nightmare.  At any rate, it should turn warm in a few days and I can go back to planning gardens, WARM walks outside, and eventually, Robins that aren’t walking around with a look that can only say “HUH?!!!”.

Just as I calm myself to the reality that this is only a temporary situation, Glen dances over and says “wanna go snowmobiling?”  I say to myself, don’t run screaming in fear, after all it, even with 12-15 inches of snow, it is beautiful outside and be realistic, it’s really not that bad!  Then that little guy jumped on my shoulder, dressed in shorts and sandals, and screamed in my ear… NOOOOOOO!!!!!  I can only stare at Glen in amazement and shake my head no.  Glen being the patient and kind soul says “OK”.  How does he put up with me?

Glen continues to dance at the windows, patio doors and anything he can see thru and again asks “wanna go snowmobiling?”  After a few more negative responses from me, he says he is gonna go out, “it’s so pretty and it’s warm too”, he says.  I watch him walk around outside, looking longingly at the snowmobiles. 

I take a deep breath…  He is right, the snow is quite beautiful, the weather is warm, and no matter how much I wish it was 60 degrees and sunny, IT’S NOT!   I can fight it, I can ignore it, but it’s not gonna go away!  *&%$, he’s right! 

I jump into my snow gear and join him outside.  He cranks up the snowmobile and away we go!  It was absolutely beautiful!  We rode around and the majesty of nature came through.  Pines weighted down by snow, trees blowing in the wind and endless snow to plow thru!  Yeah, I admit it, I had fun!  I held onto Glen as we enjoyed yet another special moment together.
And tomorrow, when he says, “wanna go snowmobiling?” I am gonna say YES!!!

I’m also still hoping we get plowed out soon…