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Duxbury Fire Department Seeks Volunteers

Duxbury News
Glen Williamson

I know, it’s been while since I’ve written this column.  I’ve been doing my best adjusting to my new world without Toni.  It feels like I’ve been reborn.  Everything looks, smells and feels different. 

Yes, I’ve had deaths in my family.  Both my mother and father are gone, and I grieve and missed them.  But there is nothing like losing someone that had  been a friend to me since age 12; someone that I’ve grown up with for 48 years.   It hurts like hell, and some days, I’m just immobilized with grief and anguish.  Some days, she just pops into my mind, and I just start to sob. 

To distract me, I find myself on Facebook a lot more than I’ve had; my friends either call text or email me.  One friend has been a constant companion, staying with me often to make sure that I don’t go into an abyss.   Overall though, mentally and physically, I think I’m faring well.

Enough about me.  This great “metropolis” officially named Wilma Township, better known as Duxbury is doing well.  The township has just sworn in Stefanie Rahn, as their new Deputy Clerk.  She’ll take the duty of Paul Raymond, Township Clerk, if he’s unavailable for whatever reason.

Old School Arts Center (OSAC), just had a Presidential Stew Dinner at the Sandstone Golf Course.  It was well attended by many residents, including Reese Frederickson, County Attorney along with his family.  Lots of pies were auctions off.

According to Paul Raymond, Zion Markville last Sunday, had a beautiful transfiguration with three baptisms.  According to Raymond, Nia, Zadie and Ember, the children of Chantelle Emmons and Ryan Nieman were baptized.  Afterwards, the family treated the church attendees to dinner at Fishbowl in Danbury.

To prepare for the Primary Presidential Election, Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 10 am to 8 pm, Wilma Township will be testing the voting machine, Sunday, March 1 at 3pm.  Because of Minnesota state law, this testing is open to the public.

Also, just a reminder to vote Tuesday, March 10, Wilma Township will have an election for one Supervisor and Clerk.  Voting will be from 10 am to 8 pm.  This will be followed by the Annual Town Meeting.  The main reason for the Annual Town Meeting is for the residents/voters to vote on the town levy – the tax rate that residents pay for local services, like roads and bridges.  Many other things can happen at this annual meeting, including voting to authorize the Town Board to spend money on town celebration, recognition of service, like volunteers or a retiring board member.  So, this is your time to come out, meet your neighbors and help the town run smoothly.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department is looking for volunteers to join the department.  Training will be provided to qualified individuals.  If interested, drop me an email and I’ll get the details to you.

Well, it’s almost 40 degrees outside now.  Hopefully, we’ll have an early spring and all this snow will be gone soon.

On behalf of Toni Williamson, thanks for reading.


Wilma Fall Fest, 111th Celebration, Saturday, October 20, 2018

Wilma Township 111th Year Anniversary – we appreciate everyone turning out, congrats to all the winners and a big thank you to all of our sponsor. Paul Luther Raymond won the grand prize which is a night a the Grand Casino Hinckley plus some gambling money. We look forward to seeing everyone next year. Thank you to our sponsors for their generous donations. Please patronize them and thank them for making this wonderful evening possible.

Entertainment was provided by Kar Jackers.

All sponsors below are from the Sandstone and Duxbury area.

Ace Hardware Store — Two $20 certificates
Amy’s Country Café $10 certificate
Anytime Fitness—Gift basket
Arlen Krantz, Inc.– Two certificates for free five gallons of oil
Ben Franklin –Gift certificate
Browns Beans & Greens – $25 certificate
Chris’ Subway – Five free SANDWICH/cookie coupons
David Boudreau—$20 cash
Grand Casino Hinckley – $20 Play, one night stay 
Happy Land Tree Farm – $25 certificate (during cutting season)
Kettle River Grafix – $20 gift certificate
Lamperts – Two Thermos, three T-Shirts, two cutting boards
Lori’s Loomed Rugs – Hand made rug
Maureen Fust – Two candy wreaths and kids prizes
Pine County Courier – Six month subscription
Quality Home & Sports Center – $25 gift certificate
Rich’s Bar – $25 certificate
Sprouts Restaurant – $10 certificate
Two Creeks Campground – 10 large pumpkins
Wilma Township – for being a fantastic community and providing the town hall

It was a great night and we thank everyone for coming out!

Annual Town Meeting March 13, 2018: Democracy in Action

News Release

March 2018 Contact: Ruth Simpson

Annual Town Meeting March 13, 2018: Democracy in Action

Circle Tuesday, March 13 on your calendars! It is the date of the Annual Town Meeting. Unlike voting, the Annual Town Meeting is a true form of direct democracy – allowing residents of the township to meet, voice their opinions and vote on their tax levy. It is also a good way to gauge the sentiments of township residents – what do they want in their community?

As with most American political ideas, town meetings have their roots in colonial America. New England town meetings gave citizens a way to exercise local authority. These meetings were especially important in the development of democracy because it emphasized problem-solving through group efforts. Thomas Jefferson called it the “wisest invention ever devised by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self-government.”

This tradition was passed down to townships here in Minnesota. Township residents gather on the second Tuesday in March at the town hall, or another designated place, to discuss their communities. Typically, residents hear reports from the board of audit on the town’s finances and a roads report. Residents are required to vote on the tax levy. A range of topics – from a new town hall, vacating a road, or giving the board authority to pass an ordinance – can be on the agenda. Many townships hold elections the same day, outside the meeting, for a supervisor, clerk, or treasurer. Remember to vote!

Townships are often referred to as “grassroots government.” This reference stems from the community-based nature of how town government is structured. Most townships have small populations, but a big sense of community. Being small, township officials must be creative in delivering quality services with the least possible burden to taxpayers. Township officers must be responsive to the needs of their residents, since most are friends and neighbors.

Be part of the “grassroots” movement and attend your town meeting on Tuesday, March 13 — be a part of direct democracy.

The Minnesota Association of Townships is a non-profit corporation representing Minnesota townships. Its goals are educational and charitable, promoting an understanding of the history of townships and being a voice for its roughly 9,000 officers. It regularly conducts research and educational programs designed to foster efficient and economical town governmental services and acts as a liaison between township officers and other local government officials to encourage sustained cooperation.